EXTIO - 6 Series

Extio - 6 Series

Wi-fi & Bluetooth enabled IoT Device for all your needs. Connect this device simply to any equipment like your car or refrigerator or air-conditioner and get all the information live on the internet.

Simply connect the device and configure it to use Wi-fi connection and it will keep on sending all the information about your equipment to the internet. You can use simple web portal to access all the information.

What all Interfaces are available?

3x Digital Inputs

These digital inputs behave as a reader and inform you if the device is ON or OFF

3x Analog Inputs

These digital inputs behave as a reader and inform you if the device is ON or OFF

3x Digital Outputs

These digital outputs behave as a simple switch and can turn ON and OFF any device

1x 1-Wire Bus

This bus can accommodate any number of 1-Wire devices like temperature sensors, iButton devices etc.

1x RS-232

This port can be used to connect any RS-232 compatible device like RFID Reader for door etc.

How will it connect?

You just need to open the web browser and connect to the device. Once connected you simply feed in the URL where you wish to send the data and that’s it. You will start receiving the data on the Server

It connects directly to the internet using Wi-fi or you can connect to it using Bluetooth with Computer/Mobile/Tablet. You will receive all the data directly from the device and can push data anywhere you wish to.

What’s the purpose of this device?

Purpose of this device is to provide all sorts of Inputs and Outputs to the basic equipment’s like Car, Mircowave Oven, Refrigerator, Air-Conditioner etc. So you can control the device over the internet and also receive all kind of information from the devices.

What if you need some other Inputs as well?

We provide all sorts of customization service and we shall customize the firmware according to your requirement so you can use it with any device and gather all kinds of information from your devices