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What we do


First Impression is last impression. We blend colours, typography and illustrations to create beautiful visual representations.

Firmware Programming

Complete firmware programming for hardware to attain maximum utilization and perfection for your hardware.

Software Architecture

Be it a backend or frontend our engineers provide full range architecture services from backend to frontend.

Apps Development

Android, iOS & Windows mobile Apps development. We craft each app with beautiful design and best user experience.

Hardware Development

Complete hardware manufacturing from idea to product. Programming and full range development along with firmware.

Research & Testing

We start diving into the unknown and start learning every bit about it. We understand the positives, negatives felt by people and transform from better to best.

BigData Engineering

Our workforce with extensive knowledge in Java, Linux, C++, PHP, Ruby, Python and makes use of NoSQL or RDBMS databases such as MongoDB and Oracle.

Content Development

We provide Help and documentation for your software and services in HTML and other formats for publishing on the internet or printing material.

Full Cycle Development

We provide a full range of services in software development from requirement gathering, user interface design and implementation, to product release and continuous development.

Support Services

Any software solution is useless without a perfect support team. We provide support, documentation and add-on services for all software’s at very reasonable prices.

Enterprise Solutions

We provide complete enterprise solutions to our customers and help them with the workforce at affordable prices. Our teams have been deployed for CRM/SCM including SAP, Salesforce and Oracle Platforms.

Certified Specialists

Our highly skilled developers, testers and project managers have been awarded numerous certifications from Microsoft, Oracle and other companies.

Our Projects

TrackingHAWK – An innovative cloud based Fleet Automation Solution

It has state-of-the art technologies for quick analysis and high performance throughput for your business needs. Our team helps you in keeping complete focus over your business requirements and provide complete solution tailor-made for your specific needs. Our solutions are made highly reliable using latest technologies, developed by experts in their own domains. We keep on strengthening the software from time to time based on customer feedback to give you an ultimate user experience.

TrackingHAWK makes use of the latest GNSS technology for monitoring of your commercial fleet, personal vehicles, assets and people using vehicle trackers, mobile phones and/or personal trackers. You can track unlimited number of devices on the platform without worrying about performance issues.

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Fuel Sensor


Fuel level sensors of Capison series are designed for precisious (with accuracy >99%) measuring the level of fuel in reservoirs and vehicle fuel tanks. The sensors can be used in fuel economy control systems (control of fuel discharges and of fuel ups) and in satellite vehicle monitoring systems (GNSS) of different manufacturers.

By the way of measuring "Capison" sensor is refered to a capacitive type.

  • High-accuracy measurement of fuel level due to high-resolution sensor level and the best linearity of scale of measurement
  • Technical modular design (measuring head is installed and removed independently from the fuel probe) that helps to quickly and easily change it if necessary without re-calibration of the tank
  • The ability to use short measuring probes (for flat tanks in which the depths are less than 30 cm)
  • Protection by the power supply circuits from reverse polarity, of the power supply interface
  • Light weight (270 g) and the ease in installation

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Carpooling is the sharing of car journeys so that more than one person travels in a car.

By having more people using one vehicle, carpooling reduces each person's travel costs such as fuel costs, tolls, and the stress of driving.

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Electronic Lock for Tankers/Reservoirs

An electronic lock is a locking device which operates by means of electric current.It have following features.

  • Silicon protected mechanism for fuel tanks
  • Easy installation
  • GPS device interoperatibility for maximum security

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EXTIO - 6 Series

Turn your mobile phone into a fully functional GNSS tracker with I/O provided by this box and Bluetooth connectivity to your mobile phone.

It is one of the most amazing product to cut your tracker cost and provide cutting edge solution at just a fraction of a price

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